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High-quality Link Building Services For Traffic

Our professional backlink service takes manual effort to find high-quality, organic backlinks for your website. Buying permanent, real-traffic links will help you move up the search rankings so that you are visible in the first few pages of Google.

A Redefined Approach For Increasing
Organic Growth

When it comes to keywords, search engine rankings on Google search require properly-executed link-building tactics. By working with us, you'll get a high-quality backlink profile that will help your website’s organic growth and visibility. We will create corresponding links that are both high-quality in the sense that they don't violate any privacy issues or other ethical regulations and white hat through outreach.

An Overview Of Our Link Building Services

New Link Order

Once your order is placed, your dedicated account manager will begin processing. You'll be able to track it and get updates using the dedicated dashboard so you know exactly where you stand at any point in time.

Sites shortlisting

After evaluating your needs, our outreach team will provide a list of interesting websites for you to review.

Topic ideas

Topic ideas are created based on the focus keywords you provide and then shared with you for approval.

Content Approval

Review the content quality and ensure that links are placed within a positive context.


We'll update your order's delivery status and send a white-label report in the dedicated dashboard

Prospect Link Opportunities

Our goal is to get your content published on sites that people will actually read. We target websites owned by real bloggers who we can trust to promote your content effectively.

Create Editorial Content

We create content that is visually appealing and informative for your website audience. Plus, we'll analyze your website to determine which types of content our readers would enjoy most. It's a win-win for both you and your readership!

Content Publication

We share content with the manual outreach blogger and stay in touch until the piece is published. We check in with bloggers for any edits if needed before or after the deadline.

Reporting & Tracking

Our reports and daily SERP tracking dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of everything happening on the SERPs for the links we created for you. They also detail the current results and how we can improve the campaign going forward

Expertise Driven By Real Results In Link Building

Our tried-and-tested manual blogger outreach strategy helps improve the rankings and results in a 3x increase in organic traffic to the website.

Target Audience

We believe our customers are important, so we make sure to have a team dedicated to meeting their needs. Our account managers are skilled at handling every customer inquiry, so we're able to provide a top-notch customer service experience.

Improve SERP

Our focus is to provide links that are of high quality, which results in better Organic traffic for your website.

Tailored Campaigns

We plan, create, and collaborate to offer custom link-building campaigns that deliver outstanding results.

Generate revenue

We apply SEO strategies to increase SERP rankings, boost website traffic, and earn more conversions.

The RTP Link Building Difference

Relevant Links For Your Business

We help build backlinks that are relevant to your niche. Whether you're on a budget or not, we do our best to provide the highest quality link-building service possible for the best ranking factors.

Trustworthy Results

When it comes to link-building campaigns, our process is time-tested. This ensures that you get the same winning outcome at the end of the day.

Affordable Link Building Packages

We base our approach on several link-building metrics, which means we do a deep analysis of your site. This ensures we only focus on the best places to drive backlinks so you make the most of your link acquisition efforts.

Quality Content

By using our backlink service, you'll have your backlinks placed naturally. We make sure the context around the link is positive and relevant to your website.

White Labeled Solution

We offer white-label backlink building services that are transparent, affordable, and 100% guaranteed. It's easy to get started!

The importance of content is inarguable

We don't believe in "made for links" content. We write our content to appeal to the topics that people care about and expect to be engaged by any time they read it.

Authoritative backlinks through content marketing

Our solution empowers you to create a diverse link profile by publishing editorial content on authoritative domains.

Increased ROI through targeted traffic

Our goal is to help businesses increase their reach and ultimately create more revenue. We do this by improving the SERP of their website.

Detailed Vetting Process

We never settle for a common placement that doesn't provide value. We listen to your brand and look for the ‘not-so-common’ placements that give your backlink profile a boost.

Looking For
White-label SEO Services?

Link building is a process that takes time, but it's an essential component of search engine optimization. You can get streamlined options from us as part of your SEO campaign.

Outsourcing Building VS In-house Link Link Building

When choosing whether an in-house or outsourcing model for link-building is best for your business, there are pros and cons to each one. You should be aware of these before deciding what method to use.

Outsource Backlinks Team

  • Fast link acquisition
  • Knowledge and expertise
  • Reliable methodology
  • Zero reputational risk
  • No resource training
  • Updated tools and techniques
  • Cost-effective, fast
  • Provides a high level of consistency and predictability

In-House Backlinks Team

  • Complete control
  • More transparency
  • Tailored to clients' needs

Why Choose RTP As A Trusted Vendor?

Outsourced Partner

We provide a hands-on approach to link building. We help you build a quality link profile by working with high-traffic websites and professionally written content

Post Delivery Service

One of the benefits of working with us is that you'll have up to three revisions to make sure your content is exactly what you want it to be after publication

High-grade Tools

Our team will build your link profile using sophisticated tools to help you get better links and higher rankings.

Keyword analysis

We have been in the digital marketing business for many years and know what works. We know how to promote your website or blog within the search engines and get it ranked fast because our skills are up to speed on high-ranking keywords that work.

Pricing Plans

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