Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 10/1/2023

1. Agreement Acceptance

By engaging with RTP Backlink Solution, a subsidiary of Reviewthatplace.com, you consent to the following Terms and Conditions. Please review them carefully before using our services.

2. Services Description

RTP Backlink Solution specializes in creating and acquiring backlinks for client websites to enhance their online visibility and SEO standing.

3. Client Obligations

Clients are expected to provide accurate details regarding their website and desired backlink profiles.

Clients must inform RTP Backlink Solution of any specific websites or platforms they do not want backlinks from.

4. Payment Terms

Service fees will be communicated upfront. Any additional services or requirements may come with additional charges.

Payments are due as per the agreed-upon schedule between the client and RTP Backlink Solution.

5. Confidentiality

All data, communications, and exchanges between RTP Backlink Solution and the client remain confidential and will not be shared with unauthorized third parties.

6. Ownership & Use Rights

Once the backlinks are created and payment is received in full, clients have the right to the use and benefits of those backlinks.

RTP Backlink Solution reserves the right to showcase the work done as part of its portfolio or marketing materials unless explicitly restricted by the client.

7. Service Guarantee

While RTP Backlink Solution will make every effort to acquire high-quality backlinks, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes in terms of search engine rankings, traffic, or other metrics.

8. Termination

Both parties can terminate the agreement with a mutually agreed-upon notice period.

If services are terminated before project completion, clients will be invoiced for the work done up to the point of termination.

9. Limitations of Liability

RTP Backlink Solution shall not be liable for any indirect damages, including lost profits or data, arising from the use of our services.

10. Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Florida. All disputes will be resolved in the appropriate courts in Florida.

11. Amendments

RTP Backlink Solution holds the right to update or modify these Terms and Conditions. Clients should periodically review this document to stay updated.

12. Contact Details

For questions or clarifications about these Terms and Conditions:

RTP Backlink Solution, 7037 Rose Ave, Orlando, FL 32810

Email: support@reviewthatplace.com