Link Building Strategies For A Buzzworthy Website

Let’s face it, link building is a tough nut to crack. But what if I told you I have a…

Let’s face it, link building is a tough nut to crack. But what if I told you I have a few link building strategies that are not only easy to implement but also genuinely engaging? Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let’s dive into these easy-to-read tactics that will drive traffic and revenue to your business.

Strategy vs. Tactics: Decoding the Link Building Lingo
First, let’s clear the air on the difference between link building strategies and tactics. A strategy is an overall plan, while a tactic is the actual means used to achieve an objective. All you need is one solid link building strategy – create something “link-worthy.” With that in place, you can use various tactics to fuel your link building engine.

  1. Outreach: The Art of Conversation
    Outreach is an integral part of most link building strategies. You reach out to people in your niche and introduce them to your link building content. The key here is to have something worthy of a link – it could be your product, service, business, brand, or even your charming personality!
  2. Guest Blogging with a Twist
    Guest blogging, an age-old tactic, involves writing an article for another website in your niche and linking to yourself. But how about adding some flair to your guest posts, making them engaging, and starting a conversation?
  3. Broken Link Building: Fixing the Web
    Broken link building is a three-step process: find a relevant broken link, create content similar to the broken resource, and ask the site owners linking to the dead resource to link to your working resource instead. This tactic not only helps you score links but also improves the user experience by replacing broken links with valuable content.
  4. Unlinked Mentions: Seize the Opportunity
    Sometimes, people mention your business without links pointing to your website. Reach out to them, thank them for the mention, and politely ask if they’d consider adding a link. It’s a simple yet effective way to build links while nurturing relationships.
  5. Link Reclamation: Don’t Let Them Slip Away
    Links can be tough to build, so don’t let them go to waste. Keep an eye on your existing links and reclaim any that have been lost or broken. Regularly monitoring your backlinks will help you maintain and grow your link building efforts.
  6. Paid Promotion for Linkable Assets
    Linkable assets are pieces of content that deserve links, such as tools, calculators, informative blog posts, tutorials, and infographics. With a small budget for paid promotion, you can get your content in front of your target audience and earn some relevant links along the way.
  7. Content Repurposing and Syndication: More Bang for Your Buck
    Repurpose your content into different formats, like infographics or videos, and submit them to appropriate platforms. This tactic helps you build links without additional outreach while giving your content a wider reach.
  8. Community Site Link Building: Diversify Your Backlink Profile
    Don’t just focus on high-quality links; build links from various sources like forums, message boards, Reddit, and Quora. These links may be nofollowed, but they’ll help diversify your backlink profile and make it look more natural.
  9. Thoughtful Blog Comments: Get Noticed and Connect
    Leaving insightful comments on popular and relevant blog posts can help get your content in front of more people and potentially earn more links. As you engage in conversations and share your expertise, you can also build relationships with blog owners, increasing the chances of future mentions and links.

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Wrapping It Up
Link building doesn’t have to be a herculean task. The tactics shared here work for all websites and are easy to replicate. Some tactics may work better for certain sites than others, so your job is to test each one and see what works best for you. Then, scale up your efforts to build more links with less effort.
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